AnoRectal Surgeon(MS)
Our team uses the latest surgical techniques to treat patients with the full range of colorectal disorders, from common to the most complex and whenever possible and also use non-surgical surgical treatments to aid patients recover faster and better.
Chief Administrator
Dr. Rathi is responsible to ensure almost every aspect of how hospital is performing efficiently. He finds a stability organizing the day-to-day operations while leading strategic enlargement initiatives & also fulfill clinical policies and operation.
We are judged as one of the best & armed unit to detect and treat many Complex Ortho disorders such as hand & upper limb surgery, soft tissues of hand, mal united fractures, infections of hand & upper limb crush, hand sore, tendon, nerve repair, etc.
Our doctors are child-friendly and release an environment which is pleasant and peaceful. Our unit has a positive effect on their minds by speeding up the natural healing process. We have substantial experience giving care from conception to age 18.
We manage many disorders of kidneys, adrenal glands, urinary bladder, etc. & also lift conditions with minimal invasive procedures and robotic surgeries as & when needed. Our unit is well armed for many urological processes either endoscopic or open.
The unit treats detection & treatment for various health conditions starting from gynecological to composite health issues, including breast health, uterine & bladder problems. We offer modern technologies with best care offering a range of services.
We are optimally armed to head all kinds of Neurological surgery – brain, spine, peripheral nerves & autonomic nervous system & believe in personalized attention, where we unite humanistic care & mechanistic tools to give optimal individualized care.
Our team works with all ages to give health services & is bound by moral essence to act with uprightness & accountability in the best interests of the patients & fix utmost movement throughout the lifespan by planning a diagnosis, prognosis and plan.
Arthroscopy Specialist
We use the latest minimally invasive surgical techniques for conditions affecting bone joints of the shoulder, hip, knee, wrist, elbow and ankle with the ease of returning to your regular activities sooner than with other regular surgical techniques.
General & Laparoscopic Surgeon
Our unit comprises of highly experienced senior surgeons & competent staff and also helps in making the surgical experience easier and more stress-free for the patients. Our patients get a highly specialized rating and unite follow-up for their care.
Physician & Diabetologist
We’re committed to serving people around the world manage diabetes & live full, happy, & healthy lives. We work closely with patients to control blood sugar & offer expert care for various metabolic, pituitary, thyroid and diabetes-related conditions.
The unit of Psychiatry takes care of the different aspects of mental health & gives quality treatment to the patients. We are well-trained & expertise in our field & offer comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment to heal your mental illness.