Maternity Care

We continuously seek to improve maternal healthcare with the help of our expert team of obstetricians and gynaecologists. We make ultimate efforts to make birthing experience more comfortable, less painful and more memorable. An expert team of Gynaecologists and paediatricians assures you that you and your baby are in safe hands. From the moment you arrive in and the moment you meet your new bub, we’re here for you – to make sure you feel comfortable and confident so that you can enjoy one of the most amazing experiences imaginable. We’ll even be there to support you during the initial weeks settling in at home with your baby.

We believe that although childbirth can be daunting, it is something that is cherished for a lifetime. Obstetric care at our hospital is maintained at the highest level. Every woman we see, rich or poor, receives the same high quality of evidence-based clinical care. We are committed to providing high quality maternity care for women during their pregnancy, labour and after the birth of their baby. We ensure that the birth of a child is a safe, life-enhancing experience for the mother, her husband and family. We encourage women and their families to be involved in making choices about their journey through pregnancy, birth and parenthood, by giving good and timely information. We respect their decisions and give dignity through kind and compassionate care. We promote normality in childbirth. Through our commitment to individualized care we provide the options to enable informed choice. These options involve clinical and cost effectiveness, public health initiatives, user evaluations and involvement. Professionally qualified midwives are an integral part of our service. Through robust management, leadership and statutory supervision of these midwives our hospital offers quality care for women.

Our philosophy focuses on a mother; husband and baby centred maternity service, designed to meet individual needs and wishes throughout pregnancy, childbirth and the early days of parenthood. We base our practice on the best available evidence. We strive continually to make every interaction with women and families count towards improving their health and wellbeing.

Our team of experienced doctors who are sensitive to the need of the mother are committed to providing the best possible care. We offer a soothing and safe environment to make the experience of childbirth calm, comfortable and truly special. We work together to provide you with the delicate care required during pregnancy.

We give high importance and expert care when it comes to maternity and new-born care. We are concerned about the wellbeing of your baby and our obstetricians will schedule investigations and tests whenever it is required and will advise you accordingly. We have a trained and experienced team of doctors and nurses who provide round the clock services such as monitoring the progress of your labour and providing advice regarding the process of delivery.
Ensuring the safe care for you and your baby is our highest priority. You will have access to a number of professional support staff including midwives, obstetricians, paediatricians and anaesthetists. They are available around the clock to support you if required. A fully equipped operating theatre and intensive care unit are also nearby to deal with any unexpected complications.

What we believe
Feenixx believes in combining the precision of modern medicine, with the age-old human values of love, empathy and compassion, while discharging our duties. Our core principles of cure, compassion and care are reflected in every action of ours.
Childbirth is the most memorable moment in everyone’s life. Every family awaits this time of joy, and maternity services matter a lot in making it an unforgettable one! We ensure that all the details are fine-tuned to your needs and interests. We help the mother feel comfortable, happy and beautiful during her journey of motherhood.
Our team of specialists unite to provide you with the best medical techniques to ensure you have a good experience.