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AnoRectal Surgeon(MS)

Discover comfort and relief through our AnoRectal Surgeon Department at the hospital. With expert care and advanced procedures, we address conditions sensitively, prioritizing your well-being and restoring your confidence in a discreet and compassionate environment.


Experience exceptional musculoskeletal care at our hospital's Orthopaedic Department. With a focus on precision and compassion, our specialized team is committed to enhancing your mobility and overall quality of life.


Nurturing the future with our Pediatrician Department. From infancy to adolescence, we prioritize your child's health and development. Trust our expert team for compassionate care, comprehensive services, and a bright, healthy tomorrow.


Transforming urological care at our hospital's Urologist Department. Our skilled specialists offer advanced treatments with compassion, addressing a spectrum of conditions to improve lives and promote well-being effectively.


Experience comprehensive women's health care at our Gynecology Department. Our skilled team of specialists offers personalized solutions, from reproductive wellness to maternity care,ensuring your lifelong well-being with expertise and compassion


Empowering neurological well-being, our Neurosurgeon Department offers cutting-edge care. With expertise in brain and spine surgery, our committed team ensures precise diagnoses, advanced treatments, and compassionate support, prioritizing patients' quality of life.


Unlock your body's potential at our Physiotherapist Department. Our dedicated experts provide personalized care, using proven techniques to heal, strengthen, and revitalize, helping you regain freedom of movement and embrace a healthier life.

Arthroscopy Specialist

Enhancing joint health with precision care at our Arthroscopy Specialty Center. Employing advanced minimally invasive methods, our dedicated team strives for effective diagnosis and treatment, ensuring amazing smooth journey towards enhanced mobility and overall well-being.

General & Laparoscopic Surgeon

Our unit comprises of highly experienced senior surgeons & competent staff and also helps in making the surgical experience easier and more stress-free for the patients. Our patients get a highly specialized rating and unite follow-up for their care.


Embrace mental well-being through our Psychiatrist Department. Our compassionate experts provide advanced treatments for a range of conditions, guiding individuals toward improved mental health and a more fulfilling life journey. Experience the care you deserve today.

Physician & Diabetologist

Embrace total well-being with our Physician & Diabetologist Department. Combining internal medicine and diabetes specialization, our skilled team provides personalized care, fostering health and managing diabetes effectively to empower your journey towards a balanced and vibrant life.

Casualty Department

Rapid response and expert care define our Casualty Department. We provide immediate medical attention, advanced diagnostics, and compassionate treatment, ensuring swift recovery for patients in urgent situations. Your well-being is our priority.